Whistleblowing International fights for the rights of whistleblowers everywhere. We are the only international non-profit organization that supports whistleblowers, investigates corruption cases, advocates for stronger whistleblower rights, and works to hold criminals to account.

Whistleblowing International protects your confidentiality and anonymity.

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Mark Worth

Executive Director

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Berlin, Germany

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Current Campaigns

Fighting for rights and justice – every day

Whistleblowing International is a hands-on, grassroots activism organization that engages directly in whistleblower cases by investigating their disclosures, fighting for their rights, and working with the media to expose crime and corruption.


Whistleblowing is a results-driven activity. So we work to hold retaliators and criminals to account.

We also work directly with elected officials and policy-makers to strengthen whistleblower rights and protections in dozens of countries in all regions.

Right now, we are:

  • battling Kolping International to end its 9-year retaliation campaign against whistleblower Brigitte Fuzellier

  • helping US whistleblower Mitch Barnett to end sloppy production practices at Boeing's 787 Dreamliner factory

  • publicizing the evidence gathered by airline whistleblower Charles Shi of Hong Kong

  • helping Dr. Sanjaykumar Thakur to expose financial misconduct within a hospital in India

  • working to win reinstatement for North Macedonian education official Georgi Ilievski

  • fighting for stronger free-speech rights in the EU, Southeast Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America

Justice Prevails
We fought corrupt officials and lawyers in Paraguay until they dropped the
retaliatory criminal charges filed against whistleblower Brigitte Fuzellier (center)