Whistleblowing International fights for the rights of whistleblowers everywhere. We are the only international non-profit organization that supports whistleblowers, investigates corruption cases, advocates for stronger whistleblower rights, and works to hold criminals to account.

Whistleblowing International protects your confidentiality and anonymity.

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Mark Worth

Executive Director

(+49) 176 630 94993

Berlin, Germany

Skype: quinn168

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How We Fight

Standing up to bullies and crooks – for your rights

Whistleblowing International works relentlessly to ensure that corrupt politicians, company executives, environmental polluters and other criminals are held responsible for their crimes. And we work to hold them to account if they retaliate against employee and citizen whistleblowers.


We confront bullies and crooks face-to-face, without fear or hesitation. Our staff and partners have been followed, surveilled, physically attacked, harassed by corrupt police, threatened with legal action, and slandered by fake news reports. We refuse to be intimidated.

We have never backed down – and we never will. Our allegiance is with people who take risks that others do not, by exposing crime and corruption despite the personal perils. By standing alongside these heroes, we form a united front against thugs and despots.

Speaking Truth to Power
Whistleblowing International Executive Director Mark Worth (right)
confronts Tuzla Prime Minister Bego Gutić (left) about the
Tuzla Kvarc retaliation case in Bosnia and Herzegovina